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Kingdom Tennis (22nd Sep)

We are organising a men tennis tournament, where anyone between 25 and 35 years can participate. People from various parts of New South Wales can participate in the tournament. If you believe that you are good enough to win the tournament, then you must participate. It will also allow your friends and family to experience a lot of fun.

Junior Tennis Tournament (28th to 29th Sep)

At Greenlees Park Tennis Club, we will organise a tennis tournament for the kids. Anyone between 12 years and 18 years can participate in this tournament. On 28th, there will be a competition for boys while on 29th it will be for the girls. It is an excellent opportunity to know how good you play and how much improvement do you need.

Canada Bay Tennis Cup (1st Nov)

On the 1st of November, there will be a tennis tournament for women. Anyone between the age of 25 and 35 can participate in the Canada Bay Tennis cup. No matter where you live in NSW, you can participate in this tournament. Even if you are not participating in the tournament, you can witness it as a spectator with your family and experience a great time.

Tennis Basics (7th Nov)

In this event, we will try to teach the kids of all age groups about the basics of the tennis game. It will help them to develop as a tennis player in future. The kids will understand the techniques and develop a passion for the game. Our coaches and some professional players will participate in this event to provide kids with the best possible knowledge about tennis.

Mixed Double Glory (16th Nov)

In the even mixed double glory, men and women will participate together. You can request any member of the opposite gender to participate with you in this tournament. We have organised similar events in the past, and it always gathers a lot of crowds. If you want to know any details information about mixed double glory competition, you can talk to the customer support.

Tennis Quiz Competition (21st Nov)

This event does not include any physical activity, but it will test your knowledge about tennis. Men and women of all age groups can participate in the tennis quiz competition. There will be different rounds, but all the rounds will be related to the tennis games. The quiz competition will have questions about Australian tennis players and world tournaments.

Corporate Tournament (26th Sep)

We also organise corporate tournaments at Greenlees Park Tennis Club. If one or more organisations are planning for a tournament then we have the facility. All you need to do is to inform us about your tournament dates in advance, so we can book the court for you. If the competition is on a big scale, we will book the entire club for those specific dates.

Senior Tennis Cup (2nd Dec)

We also organise a tennis tournament for our senior members; anyone between the age of 55 and 70 can participate in our upcoming event - Senior Tennis Cup. Witness this exceptional event with your friends, family, etc. We are organising the tournament during the summer, so more and more senior citizens will be able to participate.

Knowing Tennis Secrets (6th Dec)

Are you interested in know about the secrets of the tennis game and become a pro? Then you should attend this event with your friends and family. Some experienced tennis players and coaches will participate in this event to provide you with in-depth knowledge about tennis. Become a member of this club to witness the event.

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