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Court Hire

At the Greenlees Park Tennis Club, Canada Bay, we have a court booking facility. Anyone can hire the court and pay matches as per their convenience. We have a total 15 courts, including four indoor courts. We provide the courts as per the availability, so anyone who is interested in playing can book the court a minimum of one day and a maximum of one week before the game.

Kids Coaching

We provide coaching to kids who are five years and above. So, if you want your kids to learn tennis at a young age, then bring them to Greenlees Park Tennis Club. Our experienced tennis coach will provide the best training and focus on the technicalities from the very starting. Our coaches teach 5 to 6 kids in one batch, which lasts for 2 hours.

Adult Coaching

Not just kids, we also provide tennis coaching to the adults. Whether you are in your mid-twenties or early seventies, you can start playing tennis. Even if you do not want to take it professionally, this game is an excellent way to keep yourself fit. Our experts are more than capable of teaching tennis to all age groups.


If you are planning to organise a tennis tournament, then you can contact us. Various schools, colleges, groups come to Greenlees Park Tennis Club for their tennis tournament. We even organise a corporate tournament. Apart from playing, we also have enough area for the spectators. In short, we can organise a professional tennis tournament for you.

Tennis Gear

We also offer tennis rackets and balls on a rental basis. If you want to play tennis but do not have the equipment, visit Greenlees Park Tennis Club in Canada Bay, NSW. Here you can get rackets, ball and court on rent. Many people find it more cost-effective and convenient to rent the racket and ball. Pay a nominal amount and play tennis matches for as long as you want.

Expert Advice

Kids and adults, who want to take tennis seriously or professionally, can get expert advice at Greenlees Park Tennis Club. From time to time, many professional tennis players visit our club, and they provide quality guidance to the players. Their feedback can help you to improve immensely and help you to develop a passion for the game.


We also organise different types of events in this club for our members. These events consist of single and double matches, training sessions, seminars, physical fitness, etc. Our members can join these events and experience a great time with friends, family and colleagues. We provide information about our events in advance. To know about the events in detail, visit the event page.

Lounge with Food & Drinks

Greenlees Park Tennis Club in Canada Bay, New South Wales, also has a Lounge with food & drinks. When you are exhausted after a game, take a rest in our lounge and offer delicious and healthy food and drinks. We have a special menu for our regular members at a discounted rate. If you are organising any tournament, then we can also make special changes to our menu.

Onsite Physio Therapy

Sports injuries are a common thing that you will face while playing tennis? We have a fantastic in-house physiotherapist who can take care of such injuries. Our physiotherapists are highly experienced and have worked in renowned hospitals in New South Wales. They have expertise in treating spinal problems, sports injuries, peripheral problems, orthopaedic rehabilitation along with Reflexology and Acupuncture.

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