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David Smith

David provides excellent coaching to all the club members. He has expertise in dealing with beginners as well as the advanced deals advanced player. He has worked in various schools and academics before joining us a couple of years ago. He has developed many players who went on to become good players and played at different levels.

Adam Jones

Adam is also a very experienced tennis coach, and he’s working with our club for the last many years. Adam has also completed his coaching education and is also a former professional tennis player in New South Wales. He has a great career in high-performance coaching and has also participated in Tennis Australia National Camp. If you are looking for a professional coach, visit out the club.

Olivia Brown

Olivia is also a young tennis coach who usually focuses on the training of kids and elders. She’s working with us for the last two years, and she did an excellent job. She’s completed her foundation coaching course and currently working under the supervision of experienced and certified coaches. She is highly appreciated by the kids, elders and their family members.

Steve Wilson

Steve has also completed his foundation coaching course and working with Greenlees Park Tennis Club for the last year. He is a young and dynamic coach who works relentlessly for the betterment of the kids. Steve is also a former tennis player who has won many awards and appreciation in New South Wales.

George Taylor

He is an experienced orthopaedic who has expertise in treating spinal problems, peripheral problems, orthopaedic rehabilitation, sports injuries through reflexology and acupuncture. Before joining our club a few years ago, he has worked with many renowned hospitals in NSW. George keeps a close watch on each and every player and makes sure that nobody gets any serious injury.

Stacy White

Stacy is also orthopaedic in Greenlees Park Tennis Club and has recently joined to help George. She has also experience is dealing with various injuries in the best possible manner. Before joining our club, Stacy has served a couple of professional tennis players and has a great reputation in the market.

Alyssa Thompson

She is the supervisor in the tennis court area and makes sure the coaches, players and the parents of the kids coordinate with each other in the best possible manner. Alyssa and her team are always there to tackle any problem and solve the issue at the earliest. If you have any issues while playing tennis in the club, contact her.

William Anderson

He is the manager of Greenlees Park Tennis Club. From the tennis court, coaches, parents and kids to the lounge, events, and facilities, he takes care of everything that happens inside the clubs. Is there with us from the very beginning, and he did an excellent job in managing the entire club singlehandedly.

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