Tennis Etiquette: What are the Key Unwritten Rules?

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  • May 10, 2024 |
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Tennis Etiquette: What are the Key Unwritten Rules?

The game of tennis is best known for its intensity and grace. It has steeped in the traditions of Australian, and that’s why it is important to maintain etiquette throughout your play. While key rules are clearly defined in the books, there are a few that are unwritten but resonates your personality as a professional and authentic tennis player.

If you are a beginner or just joined the tennis club in New South Wales, you will slowly and steadily hear about the unwritten rules that will govern your game as well as personality. Here are some of the major ones that will help you understand the game better.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Maintaining Silence During the Play

Tennis requires utmost attention and focus. Thus, spectators should refrain from distracting players on the field. They should remain silent even if their favourite player is flying like a beast. Do not move around and sit firmly on your seat. Also, do not use your mobile phones and other electronics.

2. Announce the Score

Under this, players should promptly announce their score to the opponent after each point. This provides utmost clarity and reduces confusion throughout the match.

3. Players Must Respect the Lines

It is good for players to make their line calls to ensure their ability and commitment towards the sport. If the player is not sure about a call, the benefit should be given to the opponent.

4. Applause Your Opponent for Good Shots

Tennis is a game of gentleman. It is good to applaud every good shot made by your opponent. This represents appreciation and nurtures you as a human. You can also meet like-minded people in the tennis club in NSW and learn good things from them. It will help you become a better player and a good human being.

5. Return Balls

When a point is over, you can retrieve the ball and instantly return them to the opponent’s side. This will keep the game flowing without any interruptions.

6. Shake hands After The Game

It is considered one of the most important sport etiquettes. Players should meet and shake their hands to show their appreciation and respect towards the fair win. This also represents sportsmanship and boosts the confidence of a winning side.

7. Follow the Court Rules

It is important that players should arrive on time before the match. They must adhere to the pre-defined dress codes. Also, avoid excessive ball bouncing or unnecessary towel breaks.

8. Restriction on Coaching During the Match

Tennis is an individual game, and coaching during the match is strictly not allowed. This means players should focus on their skills, techniques and strategies to win the ball battle.

9. Be gracious Whether You Win or Lose

Whether you won the match or lose the battle, make sure you show some grace and integrity in sport when meeting with the opponent. It is also considered as one of the best sportsman qualities that will take your career to the new heights of success.

Wrapping up

These are some of the most important tennis etiquette that are unwritten rules but can establish you as a professional, grounded, enthusiastic and humble tennis player in NSW, Australia.

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