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Tennis Training Tips and Techniques for Beginners

Do you want to become a successful tennis player in NSW, Australia? It is one of the most favourite sports among youngsters and growing kids. The pro techniques, arm-food movement and body coordination are some of the important aspects that can help you become a successful planner.

If you have just started your tennis training, make sure you do proper research and learn all key strategies to upgrade your skills. You can find many reliable tennis clubs in Sydney, Newcastle and other parts of NSW where you can brush up on the basics and kick-start your journey as a tennis player.

Today, we are sharing a comprehensive guide on best tennis training tips and techniques that will take your game to the higher level.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Mini Tennis Warm Up is Crucial

Beginners must start with this great tip. The mini court methods facilitate warm-up session to let you slow down the swings and get a better feel for the actual game.

It is good to stand in the centre of the service line. After that, rally the ball back and forth. Try to keep the ball live for the longest time by hitting soft taps. According to experts or trainers, hitting the ball at waist height can help you stay consistent.

2. Learn the Right Racquet Gripping Hack

In tennis, racquet is your only tool to win the game battle. Holding it properly can help you hit the ball accurately. There are basically three main ways to hold the racket, i.e eastern, western and continental grips.

Roger Federer and other renowned tennis players usually hold the racquet in an eastern forehand grip. You need to take your dominant hand and put the index knuckle on the third bevel, aligning with the string face. It is one of the most common ways to hold the tennis racket.

For the continental grip, slightly shift the index finger of your dominant hand to the 2nd bevel to grip the handle. Do it as if you are shaking the hand.

3. Focus on Your Footwork

It is impossible to become a successful tennis player without the right foot movement. Beginners face a lot of obstacles in learning the right techniques. However, a little attention and comprehensive training, you can improve your footwork and never miss any chance when hitting the ball in the court. These tips are:

  • Always stay on your toes when playing in the court. This will give you more flexibility and dynamics to chase down the ball like a pro.
  • Using stutter steps can make huge difference. Instead of making large steps, focus on small and quick ones. This will help the player to position in the right manner when hitting the ball.

Make sure you look for the best tennis club in NSW where you can meet like-minded people, train yourself and participate in local matches.

4. Practice Tennis Strokes Regularly

There is a good saying that “Practice Makes a Man Perfect”. So, head to the court and grab your tennis racquet to brush up the following strokes:

  • Serve: The game starts with a serve. You need to toss the ball into the air using an overhand and swing the ball with a racquet towards the opponent’s service box.
  • Volley- It is the stroke near the net when the ball enters your side. Make sure you use a light stroke to swing the ball.
  • Forehand: This stroke is used to return a shot that comes to your dominant side. Strongly hit the ball toward while rotating your hips and keeping your racquet forward.
  • Backhand- It is used to return an opponent’s shot. However, the ball will be on the weaker side so hold the racquet tightly when hitting the ball.

Wrapping up

These are some best tips and tricks to help you learn the basic tennis techniques for beginners in NSW.

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